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Therapy Dog

Charlie was found in March 2022 after being hit by a car, with his pelvis broken in two places. No one claimed him, so he recovered with Ms. Allison, and she fell in love with him!
He spent his early recovery days at the JS Therapies St. Croix clinic, and quickly became a favorite part of some children's time with us.
He has a naturally calming disposition and has thrived under Allison's mentorship to complete his training; he has been welcomed to the team as our official therapy dog! Charlie is often the first team member children greet when they come to the clinic! 

A few fun facts about Charlie:
Won't eat without a little cheese sprinkled on his food.

Taps your foot with his foot when he's ready to go home for the day.

Lays down for belly rubs to show kids he's calm!

Sleeps on his back most of the time!

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