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Our tutoring program provides personalized instruction that combines educational effectiveness with an enjoyable learning experience. We prioritize building connections and fostering relationships to maximize progress in any area of concern, including reading, writing, math, and study skills. Our tailored strategies aim to enhance skills and boost confidence in students. During our consultation session, we will assess your child's specific needs to ensure their success. For younger students, we recommend shorter sessions two to three times per week, while older students may benefit from longer sessions of one to two hours per week. We offer discount packages and are committed to accommodating your schedule to the best of our ability.


  • Initial Consultation: $50

  • $35 for 30-minute sessions

  • $50 for 1-hour sessions

  • Save $25 with pre-paid packages of 5 sessions

Contact Tonya directly: 
(207) 831-9954 or


Our Tutor


Tonya Fitzgerald

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