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Feeding Therapy

What is Feeding Therapy?

Feeding therapy can be beneficial for children who have difficulty with any aspect of feeding, including swallowing difficulties, oral motor weakness, and extreme picky eating. Often children with a history of reflux or stomach issues develop challenges with eating that can be improved with feeding therapy. If your child demonstrates any of the following behaviors, they may benefit from feeding therapy:

  • Choking, gagging, or coughing during eating or drinking

  • Extremely picky eater; eats fewer than 20 foods

  • Avoids food of certain textures or flavors

  • Gags or even throws up when presented with some foods

  • Only eats when distracted by a tablet or television

  • Refuses to eat new foods and may throw a tantrum when encouraged to try

  • Becomes upset if food is not exactly the way they are accustomed to (certain brand, color)

  • Does not eat the same meal as the rest of the family because diet is so limited

  • Poor weight gain or weight loss

  • Difficulty transitioning to baby food purees by 10 months, accepting table foods by 12 months, or transitioning from bottle to cup by 16 months

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How We Help

Interventions focus on helping your child to accept a wide variety of healthy foods safely and participate effectively in family mealtime routines. We may work on developing oral motor skills and coordination for safe chewing and swallowing or provide education on tools to encourage improved self-feeding. Our therapists used a fun, play-based approach to help children expand their food choices and enable families to ENJOY mealtimes!

Ready to Get Started? 

To get started, complete our intake form and feeding questionnaire. A member of our team will contact you to schedule your evaluation. If you have any questions, give us a call at 340-473-5924.

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Strategies to Address Picky Eating 

We know it can be complicated when you have a picky eater, but it doesn't have to be! We created this video presentation to help you understand how to help your picky eaters! Just fill out the form and we'll email you the presentation.

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