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Lactation Support & Prenatal Lactation Education

What is Lactation Support?

Our Lactation Support Specialists are dedicated to empowering families to reach their breastfeeding goals and to identify potential oral motor concerns that may limited an infant's ability to breastfeed successfully. 

Lactation support may address concerns with:

  • Breastfeeding & bottle feeding difficulties

  • Management of issues related to tongue/lip ties

  • Insufficient weight gain

  • Torticollis and head flattening

  • Developmental delays

​Interventions include:

  • Evaluation of oral motor skills & suck/swallow/breathe coordination

  • Parent education for positioning, bottle/nipple choices

  • Feeding therapy to support safe feeding and swallowing

  • Occupational therapy to target developmental skills


Our Lactation Specialists

Lactation Consultant Keishla Gonzalez St. Croix

Keishla is our St. Croix lactation specialist. As a pediatric physical therapist, she also helps parents understand how gross motor development can impact feeding. 

Lactation Support Specialist Kate Cavacco St. Thomas

Kate Cavacco, CLC, COTA/L

Kate provides lactation support services and expert pediatric feeding interventions in our St. Thomas clinic. She is passionate about helping families find solutions to infant & toddler feeding challenges. Kate's direct line: (508) 958-2607

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Pregnant belly

Now Offering Prenatal Lactation Education!

Our small-group prenatal classes give expecting mothers information and tips for a smooth start to breastfeeding:


  • Positioning for successful feeding

  • Achieving a painless latch

  • Milk supply and feeding timelines

  • Bottle feeding

  • Prenatal colostrum collection

  • Pumping

  • Planning ahead for potential obstacles

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